December 3, 2017

Events We Offer

ABSA has an average of 30 events throughout the semester. The following categories are standard ABSA events, not including numerous special events created by the current officers and directors.

General MeetingsProfessional MeetingsWorkshopsCommunity ServiceSocialsFundraisingIntramural SportsBanquet
There are typically three general meetings per semester (one for each month) in order to update members about upcoming events and address organizational matters, such as presenting member awards and passing out ABSA shirts.

  • Gm Bingo Night
Per meeting, business representatives will introduce members to the company’s culture and cultivate their knowledge of career paths within the industry. These meetings typically contain slideshows, team building or personal development activities, guest speakers and interaction with the professionals.

  • Roger CPA Info Session with AS
Each workshop aims to develop and improve a specific quality for ABSA members. These events vary per semester and are based on current business skill sets that are needed in the corporate world.

  • LinkedIn Workshop
ABSA is heavily involved in philanthropic activities that create value to the community. The events vary per semester and are based on seasonal demand of the community in which we live in.

  • Spring 2016 Mighty Mud Dash
Peer networking is a key aspect of personal growth. ABSA coordinates socials in order for members to build friendships and help each other succeed at UH and life.

  • PotluckGame Night
ABSA has established an incredible reputation for its fundraising efforts, especially through bake sales. We are continually pushing boundaries and setting new fundraising records – funds that go directly back into the organization to benefit members and some to give back to our community.

  • Come and get your "Die Hard Coogs Fan" Tank at one of our bake sales!!
There are many ways to be involved in ABSA, but joining an IMS team will build a special bond with team members and teach how to be a team player on a different level. Teams vary per semester based on member participation.

  • Flag Football Men
The ABSA team works hard every semester to put together a breath-taking event to celebrate the end of a semester and the beginning of a new one.

  • ABSA in Wonderland