August 14, 2016


1) How do I join?

Please see our Membership page to obtain and fill out our membership application. You can 1) fill out the application online, or 2) print the application, complete all sections, and turn it into any one of our officers. To schedule a meeting time, please email

2) Do you have to be Asian to join?

No, ABSA is open to all nationalities. We encourage and welcome everyone who is interested in participating in an organization that offers professional development, peer networking, and public service opportunities.

3) Do you have to be a business student?

No. Although ABSA is affiliated with the C.T. Bauer College of Business, we are open to all majors.

4) Is there a point system?

Yes. Visit the Point System page for more information.

5) Why should I join?

ABSA was initially created through a shared dream of fostering a community that would provide the resources necessary to enable students to become active leaders within their community not only academically and socially, but also professionally. If your personal goals align with our vision, then ABSA is right for you.
We help students through interactive workshops and professional events with sponsoring companies and ABSA alumni, the ABSA Family Program, and by providing opportunities for leadership at various levels.

6) What do the 3 P’s represent?

The 3 P’s summarize the core values of ABSA.

  1. Professional developmentmeans taking advantage of ABSA workshops and professional events, practice interacting with business professionals during meetings, and working towards a confidence that will drive your career.
  2. Peer networkingmeans understanding how to build and maintain relationships with fellow students that can potentially help you succeed and/or enrich your life.
  3. Public servicenot only means participating in community service, but also becoming an officer, director or ABSA family mentor to help guide younger students through their journey as senior members have done for you.

7) How is ABSA different from other student organizations?

ABSA focuses on developing students by creating a communal environment for professional and personal growth through the ABSA Family Program. Unique to the University of Houston campus, the Family Program provides access to multiple qualified upper-classman mentors each semester and additional alumni who are active within each family. Students are encouraged to build a professional relationship with their mentors and seek guidance for inquiries such as choosing majors, resume assessment and career advice.

8) How successful are alumni who were active in ABSA?

Deloitte, PWC, KPMG, E&Y, BKD, LinkedIn, HP, BP, Schlumberger, and Halliburton…what do all these companies have in common? You guessed it – these are a few examples of where your ABSA alumni started their careers. Ask your friendly officer, director, family mentor or alumni about their personal ABSA story or find out more by attending our professional, social and community service events.