March 14, 2011

Point System

In order to become an Active Member of the Asian Business Student Association, a candidate must meet the following requirements:

  • 4 Professional Events (30 Points Each) – 120 Points
  • 1 General Meeting & Election (20 Points Each) – 20 Points
  • 1 Social (15 Points Each) – 15 Points
  • 2 Bake Sale Shift (5 Points each) – 10 Points
  • 1 Community Service Event (15 Points Each) – 15 Points
  • 1 Bake Sale Donation (10 Points Each) – 10 Points

Optional Activities Not Required for Active Membership Status/Family Points:

  • Social Events Donations – Points Given Varies
  • Social Events Carpool – 2 Points Each
  • Sport (Player/Supporter) – 5 Points Each
  • Community Service Carpool – 2 Points Each
  • MR Surveys & Other Forms – 2 Points Each


1. In order to be apply for end of semester essay scholarship, must reach active membership status (200 points w/ required events).

2. In order to be considered top 3 end of semester most active member, must reach active membership status (200 points w/ required events).

3. In order to run for Officer / Director position for next semester, much reach active membership status (200 points w/ required events).

4. Other family points go toward “Family of the Semester”. Family standings will be announced at each general meetings, and the ending result will be announced at Banquet.

5. If you did not receive points on an event that you went, contact:

Administrative Director Peter Le for professional, general meetings, and elections
Social Director Zuhare Rizvon for social, carpool & donations for socials
Athletic Director King Fu for sport
Community Service Director Victoria Au-Yeung for volunteer hours and carpool for commuity service events
Vice President of Finance Peter Chang for bake sale donations

There is a point system in place to ensure that each person who joins ABSA receives the best experience possible; completing the point requirements ensures they will participate in the different types of activities this student organization has to offer. The point system will be updated throughout the semester by the Administrative Director—everyone will be able to keep track of their points.

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