March 14, 2011

Point System

The Point System is used to encourage member involvement in the Asian Business Student Association enabling our members to embody our core values—the 3 P’s (Professional Development, Peer Networking, Public Service). Though members are not required to attain points, the top members will be acknowledged on our website and at the semi-annual banquet. Active membership status will also qualify members for scholarships and are taken into consideration for those who are running for a position on the ABSA Leadership Team.

In order to acquire active status, members must meet the following requirements:
  • 4 Professional Events (30 Points Each) – 120 Points
  • 1 General Meeting & Election (20 Points Each) – 20 Points
  • 1 Social Event (15 Points Each) – 15 Points
  • 1 Community Service Event (15 Points Each) – 15 Points
  • 1 Bake Sale Donation (Points Given Vary) – 20 Points
  • 2 Bake Sale Shifts (5 Points Each) – 10 Points
Additionally, the Point System allows for us to keep track of each family’s points. Family standings will be announced at each general meeting, and the family with the most points will be named “Family of the Semester” at the end-of-semester Banquet. Below are the optional activities (family point opportunities) that are not required for active membership status:
  • Social Event Donations – Points Given Vary
  • Social Event Carpools – 2 Points Each
  • Sports (Player/Supporter) – 5 Points Each
  • Community Service Carpools – 2 Points Each
  • MR Surveys & Other Forms – 2 Points Each

At the beginning of each event, ABSA will record attendance using either your Cougar Card or PeopleSoft ID. Member Points and Rankings will be available under the “Members” tab located above.

If you did not receive points for an event that you were present at, please contact:

Check Your Points Here!

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